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Each year, the Omaha Greek Festival highlights the Greek love of song and dance. Here, you will witness a variety of Greek folk dances performed by our very own St. John’s dance groups ranging from Pre-K to adult.

Dancing is a vital element in the Greek way of life. The Greeks would use dance to prepare for war; celebrate victories, weddings, religious occasions; and at festivals. Dance is regarded as one of the highest forms of art and almost always has a story to tell.

The dances are divided into three main groups: the islands (Nessiotika), the mainland (Demotika), or popular (Laika). Each dance features the culture, traditional Greek costumes, and lifestyle of that particular region.

Throughout the weekend, we will be teaching the basics of Greek dancing to anyone who wants to learn.  Trust us, it’s really easy and lots of fun to do! Before you know it, you will be out there joining our dance groups and doing the “Kalamatiano,” the National Dance of Greece and some of the other dances too!

Enjoy the wonderful performances at the Greek Festival and tell your friends to come and join us to be Greek for a day—or the whole weekend! OPA!


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